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'Blonde Inge'

Galanthus nivalis 'Blonde Inge'

Galanthus nivalis 'Blonde Inge' was found in 1977 by Nicholas Top in a cemetery in Burscheid, northeast of Cologne, Germany. He named it after a German foxtrot from the 1920s. The song text in the original language is: "Wenn ich die blonde Inge abends nach Hause bringe", translated: "When I bring blonde Inge home in the evenings".
What's special about this snowdrop is that it was the first variety to combine a yellow apical mark with a green ovary. Galantophiles call this a two-colored flower.
Unfortunately, the original plant is no longer present at the original location. Fortunately, the British are  exchange-friendly and the variety found a sufficiently large distribution in the meantime.
As far as I dnow, this is the only nivalis, which shows this color combination in such a clearness. In the first years after planting, however, it may happen that the yellow coloration is not yet visible. Then it looks like a conventional nivalis, but after this time it blooms reliably two-colored.

galanthus blonde inge