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'Bulls Eye'

Galanthus elwesii 'Bulls Eye'

Galanthus 'Bulls Eye' is a small Galanthus elwesii with a very upright stature. The flower stem is relatively thick and it does not bend towards the ground even in cold weather.
The term "Bulls Eye" refers to the center of the target in darts (the spelling "bullseye" is common in that sport). This little dot in the middle was inspiration for the name of the variety.
Galanthus 'Bulls Eye' is a hardy and rather small-flowered snowdrop. The good physical characteristics and the stable, upright habit, coupled with the eye-catching inner mark makes this cultivar stand out from the crowd.
Young bulbs produce flowers that are slightly smaller and pure white, older plants flower with the characteristic green dot on the inner petals.
The variety was selected in 2018 in the garden of Swiss Drops in Wald AR, Switzerland. It was part of an import of Galanthus elwesii from the Netherlands in 2016.

galanthus bulls eye