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'Donald Sims Early'

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus 'Donald Sims Early'

Depending on the source the cultivar name 'Donald Simms Early' is used. However, since the variety is named after Mr. Donald Sims from Foxton, Cambridge, England, the former spelling is correct.
Galanthus 'Donald Sims Early' is an early flowering member of the Hiemalis Group, the elwesii cultivars with only one green spot on the inner petals and a particularly early flowering period. It is well recognizable by the fine, inverted V-shaped spot and the rather low overall height. The narrow petals and the thin stem are distinctive characteristics of this variety.
Galanthus 'Donald Sims Early' usually blooms in November and December. It multiplies very reliably and is therefore considered easy in culture.
The original plant material came from the garden of Sir Frederick Claude Stern, a banker and botanist from Sussex, England.  He was a snowdrop enthusiast and is known as the former owner and creator of the three-hectare "Highdown Gardens", an estate in Sussex, England. Today, the "Highdown Gardens" are a public park.
The variety was originally put into circulation by Rod Leeds at the turn of the millennium. 

Galanthus 'Donald Sims Early'