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'Drei Ohren'

Galanthus nivalis 'Drei Ohren'

Galanthus 'Drei Ohren' is a Galanthus nivalis from the large group of the Scharlockii types. These are the snowdrops with the typical split-spaths, the so-called 'donkey ears'. The special thing about this variety is that there are three of these leaves on the stem, rather than two.
The cultivar name is spot-on, because "Drei Ohren" means "three ears" in German.
The snowdrop is rather inconspicuous and of stocky stature. The flowers have narrow petals, are small with a characteristic green spots on the outer petals.
In the course of the aging process of flowering, the "donkey-ears" often align horizontally, which can then be reminiscent of a papyrus plant. Others are reminded of a palm tree while looking at this snowdrop.

galanthus drei ohren