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'E. A. Bowles'

Galanthus plicatus 'E. A. Bowles'

Galanthus plicatus 'E. A. Bowles' is a plant of considerable size with very attractive flowers. It belongs to the group of the poculiform snowdrops, that's how those specimens are called, whose inner and outer petals are identical. The showy, spherical shape of the flower, which is formed by the six broad, strongly arched petals, is not self-evident in the poculiform snowdrops. Established plants produce two flower stalks per bulb, the first usually larger than the second.
The plant was found in 2004 in Myddelton House, Enfield, England, the former residence of Edward Augustus Bowles (1865-1954), who was a well-known snowdrop collector and name-giver of the term "galantophilia".
Galanthus plicatus 'E. A. Bowles' was sold in 2011 for 350 GBP on eBay. At the time, this was the highest price achieved for a single snowdrop bulb.

galanthus e. a. bowles