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'Elizabeth Harrison'

Galanthus woronowii 'Elizabeth Harrison'

Galanthus woronowii 'Elizabeth Harrison' is the only yellow-flowering Woronow-snowdrop to date. It was found around 2002 in the garden of Elizabeth Harrison in Perthshire, Scotland by the Scottish nurseryman and snowdrop collector Ian Christie. He reproduced the new variety from a single bulb and sold one specimen in 2012 for 725.10 GBP on eBay, more than twice as much as E. A. Bowles, which was the record holder at that time with a value of 350 pounds. This means that it was the most expensive Snowdrop back then . The proceeds from the sale benefited the retired Harrisons. Buyer was the company Thompson & Morgan, which hoped to provide for a further distribution of the variety.
Although this is a very exclusive snowdrop, it does not need any special attention in culture. In fact, it hardly differs in its demands from the conventional Galanthus woronowii and also multiplies reliably over offsets.

galanthus elizabeth harrison