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'Frank Lebsa'

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus 'Frank Lebsa'

Galanthus 'Frank Lebsa' is an exceptionally early flowering member of the Hiemalis Group, the elwesii cultivars with only one green spot on the inner petals and a particularly early flowering period. It generally is one of the first snowdrops in flower, right after the G. reginae-olgae at the end of Octobre or beginning of Novembre.
This was the first elwesii cultivar with markings on the in- and outside of the outer segments. The green colour is generally lighter than usual for other monostictus cultivars. This can vary from year to year depending on the soil components and sun exposure.
In some years this snowdrop develops its foliage very early, when other monostictus cultivars barely even show their noses. The inner segment marking is somewhat larger than usual. It can vary in size and shape within the same flower.
Galanthus 'Frank Lebsa' was found by Jörg Lebsa's mother, Elisabeth Lebsa, among potted G. elwesii in the Dresden flower market in 1999. Jörg Lebsa is a well-known galanthophile from Dresden, Germany. He published many articles about snowdrops in the past and visited many snowdrop species in the wild in Austria, France, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and Italy. He found and named lots of new cultivars.
This cultivar is of very high quality and one of the best hiemalis snowdrops in general, named after Elisabeth Lebsa's late son.

Galanthus 'Frank Lebsa'