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Galanthus plicatus 'Glenorma'

Galanthus 'Glenorma' is one of the most remarkable snowdrops in recent years. Because of its huge flowers it immediately stands out from the crowd. The plant occurred as a seedling in the garden of Wol and Sue Staines at Glen Chantry in Witham, Essex, England. It is characterized by its enormous dimensions in all parts. The bulb, the leaves, the flower stem and of course the flower itself, everything is significantly enlarged.
The plant probably has more than two sets of chromosomes in the cells, which is known in technical terms as polyploidy.
Galanthus 'Glenorma' flowers relatively early, sometimes even in January. The variety was the star of the 2010 Snowdrop Gala and before it was known under its present name, it only carried the identification number G.C.8.
Especially after flowering and with fully developed foliage, the plant reaches a remarkable size and even overshadows some cultivars of Galanthus elwesii.

Galanthus 'Glenorma'