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Galanthus gracilis

Galanthus gracilis is a species with a somewhat uncertain origin. Some say that it only occurs in western Turkey, other sources describe a much wider area of ​​distribution, which also extends over some parts of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Tom Mitchell of Revolution Snowdrops is a competent source of information in this regard as he has visited various colonies of snowdrops in situ. He assumes that the specimens of these other colonies (outside of Turkey) may be referred to the species Galanthus graecus in the near future because of the significant morphological differences.
Galanthus gracilis differs from the other species mainly by their twisted foliage. Furthermore, they usually have a lighter coloration of the ovary and characteristic spots on the inner petals. In most cases, this consists of a wide band at the top and two small dots at the bottom of the petal. Typically, the lower edges of the inner petals are bent outward.
There are comparatively few varieties of G. gracilis around, but these are very precious in most cases. The most prominent variety is 'Ronald MacKenzie', which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful snowdrops around. Unfortunately, it is almost never offered.

galanthus gracilis