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'Green Tear'

Galanthus nivalis 'Green Tear'

Galanthus 'Green Tear' is an incredibly precious snowdrop that belongs to the virescent group; the green snowdrops. The cultivar name "Green Tear" describes the variety extremely aptly when it is in bud.
The outer petals are broad and shapely, which is not the case with many other varieties of this group (compare with the green scharlockii-types).
The green of this variety is especially dark and has characteristic lines, which makes it clearly distinguishable from another attractive variety with the cultivar name 'Green Mile' from Belgium. To the petal edges, the green color fades into a white. The inner petals are entirely green,  except a bright spot towards the ovary.
Galanthus 'Green Tear' is both vigorous and robust. It received a P.C. Award in 2009 from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). This P.C. award (abbreviation for: Preliminary Commendation) is normally given to those plants that have a special exhibition value and have either been shown for the first time or are still very rare in cultivation.
Galanthus 'Green Tear' was originally found by Gert-Jan Van der Kolk near Zutphen in the Netherlands in 2000 in a nivalis-population.
Although it was a uniform population at the time, many experts (including John Grimshaw) do not exclude the possibility that it is a hybrid. A hybridization with Galanthus plicatus would be conceivable due to the folded leaf margins.

Galanthus 'Green Tear'