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Galanthus nivalis 'Heidewitzka'

Galanthus 'Heidewitzka' belongs to the group of the scharlockii's. These Galanthus nivalis have an elongated split spath called "donkey ears". Two separate leaves standing above the foliage on the flower stem.
The flower is quite large and poculiform, which means that the petals are arranged in a wreath of six identical petals on the flower.
Furthermore, all have attractive green marks that are sometimes connected and sometimes divided. The petals are very narrow in the upper part, so that the orange stamens between the petals are clearly visible.
The variety comes, like many Scharlockii types, from the Ardennes. It was named by Rudi Bauer from Germany and since then marketed under this name.
Even those who are normally not into the Scharlockii types will succumb to the charm of this cultivar.
It is most effective when a whole group is in bloom.

galanthus heidewitzka