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Galanthus nivalis 'Jade'

Galanthus 'Jade' was found by Alan Street of Avon Bulbs, a respected nurseryman specialized in bulbous plants. The find can be dated very accurately to the 8th of February 2005, however Alan keeps the exact finding place secret, because he has discovered that when the location is revealed, other interested parties go to the site and dig up what is left.
It comes as no surprise that the variety comes from the snowdrop rich county of Gloucestershire, which has a rich history of providing many Galanthus cultivars from its churchyards and woods.
The soil is alkaline and mostly very fertile, perfect for agriculture and Snowdrops to thrive.
Galanthus 'Jade' has been found amongst hundreds or maybe thousands of Galanthus nivalis, with no other species involved or occurring nearby.
Altogether a lovely and nicely marked selection, mid-season flowering and increasing well. 

Galanthus 'Jade'