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'Kermode Bear'

Galanthus elwesii 'Kermode Bear'

Galanthus 'Kermode Bear' is a poculiform snowdrop elwesii-selection from Canada. It was found by Calvor Mateer, a Canadian snowdrop enthusiast from Victoria, British Columbia. He spotted it in a naturalized snowdrop colony north of Victoria back in the 1990's. Those plants can be traced back to the so-called remittance men. They were "black sheep" in British families that were sent out to Canada with a family pension. The remittance men were dissolute or drunken characters who were either hopeless alcoholics, gay, gamblers or womanizers that embarrassed the family. They were set up on farms around Victoria but mainly north of the city. All around their old farm houses they planted snowdrops as they reminded them of Britain along with other British bulbs.
Calvor Mateer checks many of those old farmsteads and the naturalised colonies of Galanthus elwesii that developed in the nearby woods over the time.
The flower shape of this variety resembles the genus Leucojum. An extremely attractive example from the group of poculiform snowdrops.

Galanthus 'Kermode Bear'