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'Lady Beatrix Stanley'

Galanthus Hybride 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'

Galanthus 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' is an exceptionally vigorous variety that reproduces well over side bulbs. This makes it an ideal snowdrop for the garden. In contrast to the "normal" double snowdrops, known as "Flore Pleno", this variety has a very regular appearence and always has three outer petals. The inner ones have two subtle green marks at their tips and together form a well-proportioned rosette. Overall, the flowers are also quite large.
For a long time it was thought that this variety is only a double Galanthus plicatus, but today it is assumed that it is a hybrid. This would also explain why the snowdrop is so vigorous.
The woman behind the variety name was an enthusiastic snowdrop collector who resided at Sibbertoft Manor in Leicestershire, England.
Galanthus 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' was named after her in 1981.

galanthus lady beatrix stanley