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'Matt Bishop'

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus 'Matt Bishop'

Galanthus 'Matt Bishop' is a seedling selected and named by Matt Bishop himself. Matt Bishop is a well-known snowdrop expert and coauthor of the book “Snowdrops: A monograph of cultivated Galanthus” published in 2001.
If you ask Matt Bishop, why he used his own name for this cultivar, you will likely get this answer: "'Matt Bishop' was my own selection, named in case I get run over by a bus and someone attaches my name to a poor snowdrop".
Galanthus 'Matt Bishop' is indeed a snowdrop that has the appropriate characteristics to carry a name of a prominent personality. It is a green (virescent) Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus cultivar. This group of the Turkish snowdrop has a very early flowering period. Galanthus 'Matt Bishop' starts flowering in November or December. 
Unlike many other cultivars, 'Matt Bishop' has a very soft green coloration of the outer petals, more like a wash than merged lines in fact. This helps to distinguish it from other virescent elwesii cultivars like 'York Minster' or 'Kryptonite'.
The apical mark is characteristic too: two vertical spots are separated by a lighter green line. It is somehow reminiscent of a coffee bean. As always, the apical mark can vary from year to year. Sometimes the center line is less pronounced.

Galanthus 'Matt Bishop'