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'Miss Willmott'

Galanthus hybr. 'Miss Willmott'

Galanthus 'Miss Willmott' is currently the variety with the highest flower count per bulb, often producing four inflorescences for a mature bulb, in some cases even five. The flowers themselves are large and perfectly formed, with an attractive structure. The bright green color of the ovary and the apical mark is somewhat reminiscent of Galanthus gracilis, but the leaves show clearly that Galanthus plicatus is involved in this hybrid.
Galanthus 'Miss Willmott' occurred at Warley Place in Essex, England around 1998 and was given to Wol and Sue Staines of Glen Chantry Snowdrops to propagate and distribute. The nursery with a growing area of approximately 2000 square meters is located in Wickham Bishops, a village in the county of Essex in England and is known for very good Galanthus selections.
The woman behind the name "Miss Willmott" is "Ellen Ann Willmott". She lived from 1858 to 1934 and resided in Brentwood, Essex. As a gardener and eminent member of the Royal Horticultural Society, she was a respected personality. It is said that she grew over 100,000 plant species in her garden. Some of them have survived to this day and her former residence "Warley Place" is now a nature reserve, known for its daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops.

galanthus miss willmott