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'Mother Goose'

Galanthus hybr. 'Mother Goose'

Galanthus 'Mother Goose' is the snowdrop with the darkest yellow marks at the moment. Originally found in the renowned North Green Snowdrops nursery in England, it has been one of the most popular snowdrops ever since. In the year 2015 a single bulb was sold for
360 GBP on eBay.
The variety is characterized by its attractive, gray foliage color. The golden flower contrasts with it and appears to glow. In the 2016 catalog of North Green Snowdrop, a story was told where a customer who spotted 'Mother Goose' for the first time asked for sunglasses.
Galanthus 'Mother Goose' was also a jubilee snowdrop as North Green Snowdrops celebrated their 30th anniversary at the launch of sales of this variety.
The variety name is derived from a figure from well-known English children's stories and fairy tales, a goose with a cap. These stories go back to the 17th century.

galanthus mother goose