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'O jeh'

Galanthus nivalis 'O jeh'

Galanthus 'O jeh' is a Galanthus nivalis from the large group of the Scharlockii's. This group of snowdrops has an elongated spath, the so-called 'donkey ears'. In most cases these leaves split in two when teh flower ages.
Sometimes there is also the spelling 'Oh jeh', which is due to the fact that there are several spellings for this interjection in German: "Oje!", "Oh je!" and "O jeh!" The meaning is the same as "Oh dear!" in English.
"O jeh", however, is the correct spelling used by the Finder.
Among all the varieties that have already emerged from this group, this is one of the greenest.
Galanthus 'O jeh' was named by the German snowdrop enthusiast Rudi Bauer and originally comes from the Ardennes, home to many types of scharlockii's, which are commercially available these days. Rudi Bauer is known for his high-quality selections of scharlockii's.
Although the flowers of "O jeh" are not huge, they still have an excellent shape and color.
Younger bulbs sometimes don't have the completely green inner mark of established plants.
A beautiful and vigorous snowdrop. At the moment, the virescent cultivars are experiencing a boom, which is why this variety should not be missing in any collection.

galanthus o jeh