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Galanthus nivalis 'Octopussy'

Galanthus 'Octopussy' is a Galanthus nivalis that has double flowers and spiky characteristics.
Originally it was found in 1991 by Phil Cornish, a well-known galantophile from England, in Haresfield near Gloucester.
It is named after the James Bond 007 film "Octopussy", because the flower shape resembles an octopus.
It is assumed that this snowdrop is a cross between Galanthus nivalis 'Walrus' and Galanthus 'Scharlockii'. This is not confirmed tough. The shape of the petals show parallels of "Walrus" and the split spath resembles the scharlockii-types.
The variety is of short stature and therefore rather inconspicuous. On closer inspection, however, it is an extraordinarily interesting snowdrop. The petals can sometimes be arranged very messy, which gives the flower a somewhat disheveled appearence.

galanthus octopussy