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Galanthus nivalis 'Ostfriedhof'

This snowdrop is a true Galanthus nivalis, which was originally discovered in St.Gallen, Switzerland. It is named after the location where it was found, a cemetery, where it was the only snowdrop of a large colony that had green tips on the outer petals. After selection by Yanik Neff, it turned out to be a particularly vigorous variety. Even at its original location it was noticeable by its somewhat larger shape and the interesting foliage. It has the peculiarity of developing three foliage leaves per shoot in 90% of the cases. In rare cases there are only two (as usual), and here and there one can even see four-leaved shoots. The second peculiarity of this variety is that the tips of the leaves begin to curve like a walking-stick, as soon as they are fully developed.
Fortunately, the green marks on the outer petals became even more pronounced in the rich garden soil than it was the case at its habitat.
Another nice feature of this variety is the marking on the inner petals, which has an attractive, yellowish gradient at the upper edge. All in all, a super snowdrop, which by the way is the first Swiss variety ever described.

galanthus ostfriedhof