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'Paul Schöb'

Galanthus gracilis 'Paul Schöb'

Galanthus 'Paul Schöb' is a large-flowered and well-proportioned Galanthus gracilis with a full flower form. It was selected in the garden of Swiss-Drops in Wald AR, Switzerland and named by Yanik Neff after his grandfather. During his life, Paul Schöb was a successful gardener with a lot of passion for growing plants, mentoring his grandson Yanik in any aspect of gardening.
Galanthus 'Paul Schöb' produces two flowers per bulb (and pair of leaves). This is unusual for Galanthus gracilis.
The leaves are band-like and curly, but without a twist. They usually grow close to the surface.
Another exciting feature is the angular shape of the stem. It is very stable and thick, withstanding even the worst weather conditions.
This cultivar is a very frost resistant; it was tested in the Swiss Alps without any additional protection at just below 1000 meters above sea level.

galanthus paul schöb