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'Peter Gatehouse'

Galanthus elwesii 'Peter Gatehouse'

Galanthus elwesii 'Peter Gatehouse' is one of the first elwesii-varieties that begin to bloom, sometimes already  mid-November. More often, however, it shows its flowers around Christmas, even before the leaves appear. In cold winters, the flowering season shifts further into the spring. Established plants can produce very large bulbs, from which several shoots appear and bloom also abundantly.
For an Elwesii variety, it is from small stature at the time of flowering, with a short stalk, but a comparatively large flower. The leaves develop at a later point and elongate to their full size.
Originally, the plant was handed over to Elizabeth Strangman by the late Peter Gatehouse of Tenterden, Kent in about 1994. She was the driving force behind the "Washfield Nursery" in Hawkhurst, Kent, and is known for her great knowledge of the genus Helleborus.

galanthus peter gatehouse