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'Primrose Warburg'

Galanthus Hybride 'Primrose Warburg'

A medium-sized snowdrop with yellow ovary and yellow spots on the inner petals. Presumably, it is a hybrid between G. nivalis and G. plicatus. It was found in the 80s in the garden of the famous snowdrop collector Primrose Warburg in South Hayes, west of London. Nothing is known about the earlier origin of the variety. Still, it is considered one of the most beautiful yellow snowdrops.
The variety is very similar to the attractive Galanthus 'Spindlestone Surprise', but in a direct comparison one can distinguish them quite easily. 'Spindlestone Surprise' is a bit more vigorous and robust,  'Primrose Warburg' on the other hand is somewhat larger.
As with many yellow varieties, the yellow color of the flower parts can be less pronounced in some years. This is more common among freshly planted bulbs, but the effect usually disappears in the following year.

galanthus primrose warburg