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Galanthus nivalis 'Pumpot'

Galanthus 'Pumpot' is the first inverse poculiform Galanthus nivalis, which was found by the German snowdrop collector Jörg Lebsa from Dresden. In this flower anomaly, the outer petals are of the same shape as the inner petals, sometimes even with the same spots. In contrast, a flower that has six identical petals looking like outers is called poculiform.
The term inverse poculiform is generally abbreviated and galanthophiles simply use the word ipoc for these kinds of snowdrops. The best-known representative of this ipoc group is Galanthus plicatus 'Trym' with all its descendants, of which there are dozens nowadays. Although this type of mutation is by no means new to Galanthus nivalis, only a handful of varieties with these flower characteristics exist in collections. This is surprising because they are extremely attractive, especially when grown in a clump, despite their smallish flowers.
Galanthus 'Pumpot' 

Galanthus 'Pumpot'