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'Rodmarton Arcturus'

Galanthus hybr. 'Rodmarton Arcturus'

Galanthus 'Rodmarton Arcturus' has exceptionally well-proportioned, full flowers. Due to their width, the roundish petals barely allow a view of the inner markings, which actually are pretty attractive with dark green lines and a yellowish gradient between.
The variety was found by Simon Biddulph in the garden of Rodmarton Manor, an estate that was built in the early 20th century for the Biddulph family. The property is located in Gloucestershire, a county in southwest England.
Galanthus 'Rodmarton Arcturus' has pleated leaves, which is a clear indication that this is a Galanthus plicatus hybrid.
An especially nice specimen was exhibited by Ronald Mackenzie at the RHS Show in Westminster, England, in 2011 and received a P.C. Award from the Royal Horticultural Society. This P.C. award (abbreviation for: Preliminary Commendation) is normally given to those plants that have a special exhibition value and have either been shown for the first time or are still very rare in cultivation.

Galanthus 'Rodmarton Arcturus'