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'Sam Arnott'

Galanthus hybr. 'Sam Arnott'

Also known as 'S. Arnott' and found in almost any snowdrop collection. For many collectors it is THE snowdrop par excellence, a hybrid between Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus plicatus, named after Sam Arnott, who was born in Dumfries, Scotland in 1852. An illness eventually led him to move to the climatically adventageous (because situated directly at the sea) Carsethorn, Scotland. There he created a beautiful garden, which he planted with snowdrops. This was the place where 'Sam Arnott' was born, from which the variety took its victory march into the snowdrop collections throughout Europe and overseas. One of the first to receive bulbs was Henry John Elwes of Colesbourne Park in Gloucestershire.
Everyone loves this variety. It is tall, has big flowers, a sweet honey scent, is extremely robust and most importantly, it is probably the easiest variety in culture.
Galanthus 'Sam Arnott' is sterile, which means that it doesn't produce  fertile seeds. The variety divides so quickly that a large stock develops within a few years. In England, there are large areas of parks scattered with this one variety only.

galanthus sam arnott