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'South Hayes'

Galanthus Hybride 'South Hayes'

Many consider Galanthus 'South Hayes' to be one of the most beautiful snowdrops ever found and it regularly achieves high prices on internet platforms. Even the well-known snowdrop expert Matt Bishop has described the variety in his monograph of the snowdrops: "…of the hundreds of snowdrops grown today ‘South Hayes’ is undoubtedly one of the most significant and distinct…"
Galanthus 'South Hayes' was found in the garden of the prominent English snowdrop collector Primrose Warburg in her garden in 1992. This property was named "South Hayes", located in Yarnells Hill, Oxford, England.
Unlike ordinary snowdrops, whose petals are curved to the outside, this species behaves exactly the opposite way. Among specialists one speaks of the "pagoda shape", since it reminds of the roof of Chinese pagodas. A characteristic of all "Trym types" (progenies of the well-known variety Galanthus 'Trym'). 'South Hayes' is probably a descendant of this variety and arose out of natural reproduction. Furthermore, all Trym-types have green markings on their outer petals, a fact that also indicates a genetic relation between those two varieties. The continous line on the petals of 'South Hayes', in the eyes of many, the most attractive characteristic in the snowdrop world. A very similar snowdrop is 'Philippe Andre Meyer', which, however, carries somewhat smaller flowers.

galanthus south hayes