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'Swiss Giant'

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus 'Swiss Giant'

Galanthus 'Swiss Giant' is a particularly large-flowered snowdrop that was selected in 2019 by Yanik Neff in the garden of Swiss-Drops in Wald AR, Switzerland. It can reach petal lengths of up to 50mm.
The great ornamental value of the variety lies in the fact that the plant remains rather small compared to other Galanthus elwesii cultivars during flowering. The outer petals thereby look even bigger.
The flower shape can be considered almost perfect, with wide and perfectly formed petals. Sometimes delicate green lines appear towards the tips of the petals.
Galanthus 'Swiss Giant' usually starts to bloom in December. The flowering period can last for over a month if the weather is suitable. If that's the case, the wilting process will not set in before the end of January.

Galanthus 'Swiss Giant'