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'The Whopper'

Galanthus elwesii 'The Whopper'

Galanthus 'The Whopper' is an exceptionally large snowdrop, which has a high recognition value due to the massive ovary.
It was discovered in Ireland and comes from the garden of Robin Hall in Primrose Hill, Lucan, Co. Dublin. It's one of a bunch of snowdrops that were raised from seeds.
The variety name "The Whopper" is spot on, because the whole plant has a massive size. And that's no exaggeration.
Due to the large ovary of this variety it is a bit top heavy and tends to bend forward a little. 
There are more plants with this name in circulation, sometimes leading to confusion in online forums. The true "Whopper" is simply identified by the thick ovary.
Currently one of the biggest elwesii cultivars and an interesting plant for any snowdrop collection becaus it is contrasting nicely with the other varieties due to its sheer size.

galanthus the whopper