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Galanthus plicatus 'Trimmer'

Galanthus 'Trimmer' was selected around 2010 by Rob Wallis and his wife Rannveig in their garden in Carmarthenshire in the southwest of Wales. It is a seedling of the famous variety 'Trym' and was actually the first variety  that was selected  from this exact cross, as it was an improved version of the parent. Another variety that arose out of this cross was Galanthus 'Josie'.
Of all the descendants of Galanthus 'Trym', Trimming is certainly one of the best varieties. The early beginning of flowering, the long blooming period and the robustness of the plant characterize it. Another feature is the clearly separated green dots on the outer petals and the perfect pagoda shape of the flower with petal tips that are bent upwards.

galanthus trimmer