'Valentine's Day'

Galanthus nivalis 'Valentine's Day'

Galanthus 'Valentine's Day' was the first invers poculiform Galanthus nivalis that was registered in the Dutch KNBV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Bloembollen Vereniging) by Valentin Wijnen. The term "invers poculiform" refers to this flower anomaly, in which the outer petals have the same shape and marks of the inner petals. If they are of exactly the same shape, one speaks of "perfect" ipoc snowdrops.
Galanthus 'Valentine's Day' has slightly longer outer petals, which is why it is not considered a perfect ipoc or pterugiform snowdrop. However, this is positive for the long-distance effect, because the flower has a larger overall appearance and a beautiful, triangular silhouette.
The variety was found on February 14, 2004 by Melanie Schilperoord, the wife of the famous Belgian snowdrop collector Valentin Wijnen, in a colony of thousands of common plain Galanthus nivalis.
Due to the vigorous nature of the variety, it is definitely garden worthy and is best presented in a group. Still one of the best pterugiform Galanthus nivalis. 

Galanthus 'Valentine's Day'