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'Wendy's Gold'

Galanthus plicatus 'Wendy's Gold'

One of the more famous yellow-flowered snowdrops. Usually, the coloration is very strong, especially in older plants, which are left alone. Then the variety grows comparatively large bulbs, similar to those of a daffodil.
Galanthus 'Wendy's Gold' doesn´t develop dense groups, but rather grows as a loose mosaic with evenly distributed flowers.
The snowdrop was found by the mother of the famous snowdrop collector Joe Sharman near an Iron Age fortress called "Wandlebury Ring" near Cambridge. She told her son about it and he immediately recognized the rarity of the plant. After this the species was named after the wife of the park warden of Wandlebury Ring, Bill Clark, who gave Joe a single bulb.
In the following years the variety made its way to the Netherlands, where twin-scaling was carried out for rapid multiplication. After the stock had risen to about 800 bulbs, the disaster took its course. An infection caused by Botrytis wiped out the entirety of the stock. However, Joe Sharman and Bill Clark still had one copy each at that time. A third specimen was in the hands of the Botanical Garden of Cambridge University. These plants are the source of all those bulbs which are commercially available today.

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