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'Wind Turbine'

Galanthus plicatus ssp. byzantinus 'Wind Turbine'

Galanthus 'Wind Turbine' shows parallels to the group of inverted poculiform snowdrops, as the outer petals have characteristics of the inner petals (this effect is not as strong in this cultivar tough). It is indicated by the green markings, which are very discreet in this variety. Only two fine lines per petal are visible, a longer one at the base and a shorter one, barely more than a dot, at the tip.
Galanthus 'Wind Turbine' is a species of Galanthus plicatus subspecies byzantinus, a group of Galanthus plicatus, which have two markings on the inner petals.
This cultivar was originally found in the garden "Higher Cherubeer" by Tom and Jo Hynes near the village of Dolton in Devon, in the southwest of England.
The variety name "Wind Turbine" is spot-on: The flowers open very quickly when the temperatures rise and spread very wide until it looks like a wind turbine. It is not uncommon that the individual petals twist in different directions. This gives the flower a somewhat idiosyncratic appearance because it loses its symmetry.

galanthus wind turbine