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Galanthus x allenii

A relatively unknown and still rare snowdrop in culture. It is highly likely that Galanthus x allenii is a natural hybrid (hence the x in front of the species name). So far, it has only been found once. 
The story of Galanthus x allenii starts in the collection of galantophile and snowdrop enthusiast James Allen in Shepton Mallet, England. Allen originally received the plant material together with Galanthus ikariae ssp. latifolius from the wild (Caucasus) by an Austrian gardener named "Gusmus" in 1883. In his garden the difference between the previously unknown G. x allenii and G. ikariae ssp. latifolius was obvious. At the time of its first description it was classified as a distinct species: Galanthus allenii.
Modern genetic studies have shown that it most likely is a hybrid between Galanthus alpinus and Galanthus woronowii.
In our garden it is a very attractive snowdrop, which is of small stature during flowering. The broad, green leaves elongate to their full size later during the ripening of the seed. 
Galanthus x allenii is quite easy in culture when it is not too wet in the summer. It smells pleasantly of almonds and should not be missing in any serious snowdrop collection!

galanthus x allenii