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'York Minster'

Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus 'York Minster'

Galanthus 'York Minster' is a member of the Hiemalis group, whose members are the Galanthus elwesii that only have a single mark on the inner petals and begin to bloom in late autumn and winter. The special thing about this variety is the exceptionally good green coloring of the outer petals, paired with completely dark green inner petals. Snowdrop experts talk of virescent snowdrops when this color combination occurs.
Galanthus 'York Minster' often blooms as one of the first virescent snowdrops, which may already be as soon as November in some years. However, this depends on various factors such as soil moisture and air temperature, which means that the flowering period can also be slightly delayed into the New Year.
The variety was named by Jörg Lebsa, a well-known galanthophile from Dresden in Germany. He has been travelling around alot to see snowdrops in Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece and Italy and has named many outstanding snowdrops. He is also known as the author of snowdrop articles.

Galanthus 'York Minster'