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Galanthus nivalis 'Zahnfee'

Galanthus nivalis 'Zahnfee' comes from a cemetery in St.Gallen, Switzerland and was found in 2016 by Yanik Neff. It was discovered in the same colony where Galanthus nivalis 'Ostfriedhof' was found and may even be a seedling of this variety because both snowdrops have the typical green lines on the outer petals as a distinguishing feature.
The cultivar name "Zahnfee" is German and means "Tooth Fairy". The name was chosen on the basis of the apical mark, which reminds of a tooth.
Originally, only a single bulb with a flower was found, since it was a very young plant that probably flowered for the first time. A further indication that it could be a seedling of Galanthus 'Ostfriedhof', from which at that time a large plant with several bulbs thrived just nearby.

galanthus zahnfee